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Company profile

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       ag8The instrument Raytor Instruments,Mainly engaged in the industry's leading drug dissolution testing r&d and production of series products、Sales and technical services,Independent research and development of products has a dissolution tester、Automatic sample dissolution system、Solvent preparation machine、Brittle broken instrument、Tap density meter and other drug testing products;The company's products have a number of utility model patent、Appearance patents and independent intellectual property rights of software copyright。  ag8Instrument company focused on the drug dissolution determination of new technology research and development and promotion,A number of product technology and application technology in the domestic initiative,ag8Instrument products have been widely applied in several drug testing institutions、Drug research institutions and pharmaceutical companies。The company has a strong product technology and application technology development team,Set up a specialist team of dissolution test application technology laboratory,Application technology research for many years, accumulated the rich dissolution testing technology and experience,Can provide users with strong application technical support。ag8The instrument will always adhere to customer first、Continuous innovation、Continuous improvement of management…...

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Contacts:Manager Chen

A mobile phone:18129931418

The phone:0755-61134568

The mailbox:sales@raytor.cn

Address: Baoan district of shenzhen shajing street 壆 hillock watch box2Building602

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