Products sell like hot cakes
  • Nitrocellulose lacquer

    Nitrocellulose lacquer

  • Polyurethane paint

    Polyurethane paint

  • Fluorocarbon lacquer

    Fluorocarbon lacquer

  • Alkyd paint

    Alkyd paint

  • High temperature resistant paint

    High temperature resistant paint

  • Chlorinated rubber paint

    Chlorinated rubber paint

Yongxing coating from products

Research and development of perfect combination and the demand for the product

Adhesion is better

For the steel、Cement surface、Stainless steel、Glass fiber reinforced plastic geometric similar paint adhesion is better

Stronger corrosion resistance

Contain organic solvents,Solvent resistance、High temperature, etc

Use more extensive

It is widely used in industrial equipment、Office buildings、The building, etc

Quick dry

Suitable for a wide range of climates

Choose the yongxing coating

Brand advantage/ BRAND
Focused on anti-corrosion paint research and development production
Safety production standardization enterprise
Production ability/ SERVICE
Yongxing has a group of industry experiencedExpert team
Has more than professionalProduction line equipment
Custom products3Days of delivery,Ensure that your project cycle
High cost performance/ COST
Has its own factory production,Strict testing product quality
Products are widely used in everywhereIndustrial anti-corrosion engineering,In the local projects
Safety production standardization enterprise
Yongxing customer witness
  • Floor paint construction

    Floor paint construction pictures

    Floor paint construction

    Epoxy floor paint is commonly used in the underground parking lot floor paint coating of floor material,【To check the details】

  • Painting the construction site

    Spray painting

    Painting the construction site

    Steel structure painting is made of fluorocarbon resin as the main ingredientA、BTwo-component coating【To check the details】

  • Anti-corrosion paint the construction site

    Anti-corrosion paint construction

    Anti-corrosion paint the construction site

    Most of the time accident was happened in our casual,Even in our recognition【To check the details】

  • Aliphatic polyurethane paint the construction site

    Aliphatic polyurethane paint the construction site

    Aliphatic polyurethane paint the construction site

    Aliphatic polyurethane topcoat is a two-component aliphatic polyurethane paint,Decoration【To check the details】

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Xinzheng yongxing paint co., LTD

Xinzheng yongxing coating paint chemical co., LTD. Is the original xinzheng county(State-owned companies)Was built in1984Years,In2004Years of joint-stock enterprise registration system,30Focus on the development of various industrial anti-corrosive paint,The company set the development of the product、Development、Supporting design、Production、The sale in a body...

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Common problems / FAQ

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    Floor paint with bright、Beautiful、Wear-resisting、Waterproof、Corrosion protection, etc,Now a lot of public ground decorates with floor lacquer,During the construction of the floor paint would appear what problem?How to deal with?We know together:

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    The painting can be applied in modern construction industry,But according to the market within the construction industry,Painting often chromatism problems after construction。Shall be investigated by its cause,Is mainly caused by two aspects of material and construction。

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    Coating film the prominent drum or with the main reason for the basic problem: ?1)Primary osteoporosis or float ash or oily substances,Such material shall be completely eliminated before the construction...