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        Bengbu wing yan dyestuff chemical co., LTDIs a high and new technology enterprise,Since1968In production of sulphur dyes,A40Many years of production history。Is specializing in the production of series of sulfide mixed dyes60Multiple varieties,Annual output15000Tons。Consists of bengbu sinopac dyestuff chemical co., LTD and bengbu wing yan r&d management center three branches。Over the years,By courtesy of the masses of users at home and abroad,Based on the development of company。

        The year production of our company200TonsDMDO、DMDO-CI、B benzoin (such as medical intermediates and spices。DMDOSeries are mainly used for synthesis of ogilvy sand temple、Ampicillin Hydrochloride、Lully sand magnitude semi-synthetic antibiotic drugs。 The company advanced production technology,Sophisticated equipment,Detection means complete,At the same time of strict quality management,Regularly invited to shenyang chemical industry research institute、Shanghai institute of dyes and other units to test our products,Make sure that"Forever Brilliant"Brand series sulfur dye long-term stable and reliable quality......

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