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Hebei small helper chemical technology co., LTD,Subordinate baoding city jie lida washing products co., LTD,Was established1995Years12Month,Has now become a collection of chemical research and development、Production、Sales and export as one of the large-scale comprehensive enterprise。

The company is located in China—Xiongan New Are,Cover an area of an area5Million square meters,Fixed assets2One hundred million yuan,Annual output value8.7One hundred million yuan。Company to operate daily chemical products,The main“Little helper”Brand series products。Category involved:Washing powder、Laundry detergent、Laundry soap、Detergent、Household cleaning、Personal cleanness。With an annual production capacity of washing powder30Ten thousand tons,Liquid detergent40Ten thousand tons。Market network and improve the company, And Africa、Oceania、Southeast Asia、South America and other regions and countries reached a cooperation。

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  • Q How to choose and buy washing supplies washing powder to health

    AnswerThe choose and buy when catharsis things also note shelf life,Because of the washing powder(Fluid)In the surfactant、Help lotion(Enzyme preparation、Except the bleach)In the process of storage will not metamorphism by time,So does not affect the use date,Even suck tide washing powder agglomeration does not affect the use。

  • Q After washing powder be affected with damp be affected with damp goes bad influence washing effect

    AnswerBe affected with damp be affected with damp after washing powder have obvious effects on sensory indexes,Such as colour and lustre、Granularity、Depending on the specific gravity、Liquidity, etc,And no change of inner quality。Such as washing powder content of active matter、Total solids and inorganic salt content、不皂化物含量、Precipitation impurity content、The bubble、Detergency、Biodegradability、Redeposition resistance…

  • Q Little helper cosmetic tips talk to you about the use of washing powder

    AnswerUse detergent to wash objects,Cotton plants alkali resistance stronger,Choose the medium washing powder comparative economic accounting。Silk plants alkali resistance is poor,Choose high-grade washing powder as well。Washing synthetic fibre and blending plants,All kinds of washing powder,But it is best not to use high bubble type。

  • Q Use soap to pay attention to five aspects

    AnswerFacial soap had better choose contain spices or less pigment、Alkaline slightly weaker light soap。 Baby、Children had better choose for soap。

  • Q Laundry detergentPKWashing powder,Who with who know!

    AnswerThe working principle of laundry detergent and traditional detergent、The rain-water similar,Active ingredients are surfactants。The traditional washing powder、The rain-water chosen was anionic surfactant,Predominantly alkyl sulfonic acid sodium and sodium stearate,With a strong alkali(Washing powderPHUsually greater than12),Thus when applying for the skin…

  • Q Wash the clothes every day,You really wash for yao?

    AnswerNot all clothes are clean with a temperature of the water!Optimal temperature for cotton fabric40℃~50°C;Wool is qualitative clothing35°CAt the mercy of the water temperature is the most suitable;Wash the hemp clothing,The water temperature should be controlled in30°COr below。

  • Q Wholesale manufacturer told us skills to do the laundry washing powder

    AnswerWe're not laundry detergent put the more the better,But need to moderate,Use washing powder,According to our clothes and soak the dirty clean degree and the number of the amount of water needed,Decided to add quantity of the washing powder,Because too much washing powder dissolved concentration,Will be attached to the clothing,Once the rinsed…

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