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Bags handbag manufacturers,10Years of processing experience

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Four advantages

- Beautiful together four big advantage -

  1. Source manufacturers
  2. OEMCustom
  3. Top grade quality
  4. Quick delivery
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  • Beautiful shenzhen poly bags custom factory

    Source manufacturers
    Source manufacturers

    Beautiful is bags production source manufacturers,10More bags handbags custom experience,Collection development design、Production、Sales、Processing as a whole,Go to the middle model,Clear price advantage。

  • Beautiful shenzhen poly bags custom factory

    OEM customization

    Beautiful professional for electric business platform、Foreign trade dealers and business gifts custom provide high-end bagsOEMCustom services,Diversified services,To figure or incoming sample custom。

  • Beautiful shenzhen poly bags custom factory

    Top grade quality
    Top quality

    Beautiful poly bags products adopt environmental protection raw materials,The indicators、Process conform to the requirements of the national index,Had worked with porsche、Huawei,China Teleco、Flowers princess、The Red Cross society of China、Dell、Shenzhen airlines、North the tripod、For young people、Mercedes Benz、Byd's well-known brands such as the user。

  • Beautiful shenzhen poly bags custom factory

    Quick delivery
    quick delivery

    Beautiful together with independent development department、Complete supporting machinery and equipment、Professional and technical personnel,Bags products fine workmanship,Short production cycle,Custom is the fastest15Days of delivery。


High-end custom bags

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Company profile

Shenzhen poly beautiful gift co., LTD. Is located in shenzhen longgang district pinghu town,In guangdong is located in peace and harmony-Shenzhen city,The company was founded in2011Years,Plant area1200.00Square meters。The company is the general taxpayer,Can open17%Value-added tax votes。With cutting bed、The production workshop、Quality inspection department and development department,Play version、Production through-train service。Equipment has a computer flat car、DYCar、High car、Computer car and nailing machine, etc,Workers have40People around。Here with the surrounding city traffic is very convenient,Location advantage is obvious。We mainly provide professional product laptop bag、Ice packs、Felt bag、Shopping bags、Backpack、Kit、Shoulder bag、Pockets、Cosmetic bag、Medical bag、School bags and related products and services。Production capacity is big、The high quality products and services,Company strict quality management,Timely introduction of advanced equipment and strengthening management,Increase...

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